Offering stress free, routine grooming for dogs and cats 

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Spa Baths

A warm, massaging bath in a luxurious, Eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner, blueberry facial every visit, for a clean, sweet smelling face. Followed up but a towel and hand dry.  Your pet's spa bath includes ear cleaning with a gentle cleaner,  teeth brushing, and nail trim with smoothing, as well as Face, Feet, and Fannie tidy up as needed. *

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Full Service

Dog Grooming

All the amazing features of the Spa Bath, followed by the haircut of your choice. Custom creations, or breed trims. Which ever works best for you and your pet.  We will have a consultation to go over preferences on first visit. * 

Spa Services
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Cat Services

Offering cat bathing and grooming with, or without a bath. Also available with a blow dry, or a simple towel dry.  Also offering a safe water-less shampoo option for the smelly kitty who may not tolerate the traditional bath.  Baths and grooms include ear cleaning, nail trimming, and paw tidy. For more info click HERE

Shih tzu dog after washing. With bathrob

Spa Services