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Hello and Welcome

​Meet Groomer Hallie Beilig

Hello, I'm Hallie. I'm so glad you're here! I'd like to introduce myself, so lets get acquainted! 

I'm now in my 19th year of grooming. I moved from central Florida to beautiful Tennessee, where since then, I managed and groomed in the salon of a local luxury pet resort. I'm thrilled to be going out on my own, and look forward to the many amazing people and pups (and kitties too) I will get to work with. If I had a specialty, I'd have to say its doodles.  Somewhere along the line I created a doodle styling that seems to capture the doodle personality, and doesn't "poodle the doodle".  

I was formally trained at the Academy of Animal Arts in Florida in 2002, and have regularly attended continuing education workshops in several states, covering topics such as advanced grooming and handling skills; breed-specific training; business and teaching courses; first aid and general animal health; safety and prevention; and customer relations.  As a former grooming educator, I love teaching others how to care for their dogs. I consider myself a partner in helping my clients care for their pets at home between groom visits.  

On the more personal side, at the end of my day,  I return to my home just outside of Downtown Dickson, to my husband, kids, and corgis! When I'm not grooming, I'm watching kids play, while sipping coffee on my porch, and listening to the birds. 

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