Effective October 1st, 2021- The Milk & Honey Paw Spa will no longer be open for Haircuts and Baths on Saturdays.

We will shift our schedule to Monday-Friday by appointment only.


All September Saturday appointments will still take place.

We have made this incredibly hard decision based on many factors.

Events requiring street closures are occurring more and more frequently and are causing extreme issues with parking, and will be made worse in near future to new local business growth. Downtown is simply booming and it’s amazing, but it means each week parking while safely getting pups in and out of cars and up to the salon as gotten more and more difficult and many of you have shared your frustrations about this on Saturdays.

These are all good things for Down Town and we love events, and thriving businesses, but this makes it challenging for the parking needs of businesses like ours and for the needs of our individual families.

Again, please know this decision was made after a lot of thought, assessment of the business, and the needs of our clients. We never plan to make big changes, but now that we’ve been open about 6 months, our assessments have shown us we must.

We are grateful to every single one of you, and hope we can find solutions that will work for your pups to keep coming to see us!



Below are some options to help you figure out what may work best for you.

 Note we don’t specifically endorse any particular business, and highly

recommend you do due diligence with interviews, references, etc.


One option will be working with a local pet sitter for a “Doggie Uber” or dog transportation to grooming. This would be worked out with the individual pet sitter, but could be a great option for the pet who is home during the day, so they’ll get a potty break, and be dropped off and picked up from grooming. This would be the same as a pet sitter visit, except with transport. You would then return home to a fresh pup and wouldn't lose time on a Saturday taking your dog to the groomers! Here are a few options to touch base with:


Pet Sitters who may be able to help with "Doggie Uber"

Dickson Dog Mom 910-978-7805    www.DicksonDogMom.com 

Stay Golden Dog Care 615-578-5560   www.staygoldendogcare.com

Mari Ann’s Pet Sitting 805-750-8360


Pet sitters will work with you individually on the best way to safely and securely enter your home, retrieve your pet, and safely transport them.



For a list of other local Groomers who offering weekends/evening appointments, please email me directly hello@NashvilleGroomer.com and I will happily provide you that information