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I know this part can feel a bit scary, but I assure you, its for YOUR protection as well as ours, but mostly to make sure we are all on the same page, and the services I offer are the right fit for you and your pet.


 Please take just a few moments to read through. 

There are 3 sections of agreements:

1-Basic Policies and Procedures

2- Cancellation and Rescheduling fees and policies 
3- Veterinary care release
4- Observation & Interruption Agreement

No groom will be performed without a pre-signed release.   Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC takes every consideration to assure your pet’s safety and well being while in our care, however, animals are innately unpredictable and therefore there is no guarantee accidents can always be avoided.  The safest groom is on a well-mannered pet. 

Thank you for taking the time to review this information!  Should you have questions or concerns about any portion of this agreement, I encourage you to call and ask for the owner directly for more information or to discuss. 

1.Basic Policies & Procedures
We do not require prebooking or staying on a schedule. However we strongly recommend it to ensure you are able to have your pet groomed on the days and times you need. 

Any pricing/estimate given over the phone/from the website, or by email is an estimate. Pricing may vary by appointment based on your pet's coat condition. Pricing quoted DOES include sales tax, but does not include stylist gratuity. Pricing is subject to a yearly increase.

We accept cash, but we ask that you bring exact change when possible. We except all major credit cards, checks, And Venmo. 

Credit card numbers may be stored in our system by request, for easier check out in the future. Please let the groomer know if this is something that interest you.


Note- we are not a daycare. We recommend that you plan your pets grooming at a time where you can get them in a reasonable timeframe. Prices are based on grooming times only. If your dog needs to stay all day due to work schedules etc. this needs to be arranged with the groomer ahead of time and there may be extra fees for potty breaks, clean ups etc. If you know your dog does not do well contained all day, please speak w the groomer about scheduling at a time when kennel time would be minimal. We want their experience to be as stress free as possible


Please give your pet some time to use the bathroom before coming in for the groom. We want them comfortable! Poop baggies are available inside the salon if you need. Due to the busy schedule and a typical grooming salon. If your dog has excessive accidents during the grooming time, there may be additional fees.

I give permission to Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC to use images taken of my pet during grooming for marketing, social media, and promotional purposes. I understand I may opt out of this at anytime by email or text stating your wish for your pet’s photos to NOT be used in any promotional way. 

For Main Street customers- We know the parking in Downtown can be tricky, but we want to make it easy! On the website is a map with all the available parking options. We are also happy to meet you out back to bring your pet in if you have any mobility challenges. Let us know how we can help! 

Your pet’s safety and comfort is Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC primary concern.  Please advise the staff of any allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing medical conditions prior to the groom so that I may avoid aggravating these situations.  In addition, please inform us of any prior grooming experiences that were unsatisfactory to you or your pet so that I can avoid the repeating of poor or unpleasant experiences.

We use treats for positive conditioning, please let us know if your pet has any food allergies


Medical Problems and Senior Pets: Pet owners must inform Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC of any known ailments, injuries or medical conditions that could be exacerbated or aggravated during the grooming process so proper precautions can be taken.  We are always gentle, but more information is always better. The pet owner will be financially responsible for any veterinary care needed resulting from a pre-existing or unforeseeable condition.  For any known ailments, injuries or medical conditions that could be exacerbated or aggravated during the grooming process so proper precautions can be taken. The pet owner will be financially responsible for any veterinary care needed resulting from a pre-existing or unforeseeable condition. 

Some pets are sensitive to even the finest & purest grooming products, Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC takes pride in finding the perfect products customized to your pet’s specific skin & coat.  However, if you have a product you or your vet prefers, we will be happy to accommodate should you provide it to me!

Matted Pets: Matted pets will be clipped short to spare the pet the pain of dematting.  Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC  will not be liable for irritation or injury resulting in veterinary care during the removal of a matted coat. Removing heavily matted coats risks minor nicks, cuts, or abrasions due to unnoticeable warts, moles, skin tags or skin folds trapped within the mats. Heavy matting often traps dirt and moisture, which promotes the growth of yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria. Burns can occur from urine and feces trapped within the fur. This causes all kinds of irritation and skin infections which may have gone unnoticed for periods of time until the grooming process exposes them. After-effects of heavy mat removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions, as well as failure of the hair to regrow properly, or at all. Shaved pets are also prone to sunburn and must be protected from sun exposure. In some cases, pets may also exhibit brief behavior changes. Because this process is time consuming and because clipping dirty, oily and pelted coats is damaging to our equipment, extra charges will incur for matted dogs ranging from $10-$50 depending on size and severity of mats and a final quote cannot be given until the dog is finished. As the dog’s owner, you are responsible for the condition of your dog’s coat and may not hold Milk and Honey Paw Spa  responsible in the event of adverse effects of severe mat removal. Please take advantage of our knowledge of the industry and ask how to prevent this from recurring.

With the use of correct tools and products, we will demat coats as long as it is not distressing to the dog and as long as the matting isn’t too severe. A dematting fee of $15 per every 15 minutes of dematting will be billed when dematting exceeds the standard 15 minutes of brushing time included in all of our grooming services. We leave the choice to your discretion after we discuss the best options to move forward.

Right of Refusal

Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  That means, if we determine that your pet can not be comfortably de-matted or you are not willing to pay for the added service, or clip and start over, we will not groom your pet.  Matting, knots, or webbing can almost always be avoided with minimal routine maintenance.  We realize extreme conditions and circumstances can happen but should de-matting become a regular part of your pets grooming routine, then adjustments to your routine schedule or style must be made to compensate for the neglect. We are happy to provide short haircuts for matted dogs. 

While Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC rarely meets a dog that cannot be eventually “Won over,” with routine, patience, and consistent groom training, aggressive or vicious dogs may require additional restraint, muzzling or vet assistance. Or may have to be declined service for their safety, or the groomer’s safety.  Please inform us of any concerns for my safety prior to scheduling a groom so we’re all prepared!

Although the salon is sanitized routinely, Proof of rabies vaccine must be provided if requested. We strongly encourage your pet to be up to date on all veterinarian recommended vaccines. 

2. Cancellation and Schedule change fees and Policies 

Cancellations/Rescheduling requests made 24 or less before your pet’s scheduled appointment will be subject to a 50% of your pet’s groom fee that will be sent via invoice and/or added to your account. We send out reminders 48 hours ahead to every appointment. You have that day to respond. It is very difficult to fill short notice spots in our schedule, even with 48 hours notice due to the fact as a high end salon people are planning ahead for their appointments and we don’t currently have a wait list.

First time/New clients who do not show will be required to put down a deposit of 50% of their pet’s anticipated groom fee in order to book again

For those with standing appointments:

We highly recommend pre-booking standing appointments, but that is just as much as commitment to us, as it us to you when we hold that spot. We are experiencing a large volume of folks with premade appointments needing to make changes once that reminder is sent. Therefore, clients who have standing appointments and have needing to reschedule more than 1 times/multiple times (this will be determined at the Salon’s discretion) will be required to have a card on file, and will be charged a 50% of a typical visit fee per pet fee, even if within the 48 hours’ notice window.  All future appointments can be viewed on the client portal on the website’s appointment page by logging in. Please view your upcoming appointments for any conflicts now.  If you need to make changes within 48 hours more than 2 times, we will have to take your pet off the “standing” rotation.

The same policy will be in place for those who pre-book 1 visit at a time, but need to make changes more than 2 times, we will not be able to hold a spot without a card on file and a $30 reschedule/ 50% of a visit cancellation fee will be applied.

3- Release for veterinary care
I understand that Hallie Beilig and Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC care deeply about the safety and well being of my pet(s).  I further understand that all animals can be unpredictable and that wiggly, obese, puppies, senior, or disabled pets stand a greater chance of injury or stress.  I also understand that grooming and excitement can uncover hidden medical issues or aggravate a current one during or after the service. Therefore, in the best interest of my pet, I hereby grant permission for Hallie Beilig and Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for my pet, at my expense.

4. Observation & Interruption Agreement 
We operate in transparency. And I am always happy to share what is going on during your pets groom. However, when pets can hear or see their owner, or when someone knocks on the door, it can cause your pet to react, at a time when I am using sharp or dangerous tools.  For their safety, I request that you do not knock, talk loudly when in the Salon, or enter the workspace without permission If you want to check on your pet, get updates, or more information, please text first so that I can ensure your pets safety. 

By agreeing to our policies you state that you understand that interruptions to the grooming experience, to view the service in progress may add stress to my pets grooming experience, cause it to take longer, and may make it more difficult for the groomer.  Most pets get excited, thinking the groom is over and their owner is there to retrieve them, it can take awhile to get them calmed back down and refocused.  

In the instance that I, the pet's owner has asked, or been asked to help or assist- I understand that neither Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC  nor myself can predict all accidents or injuries that may occur should I enter or approach the grooming salon to watch or assist with Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC 's service and will not hold the groomer, or Milk & Honey Paw Spa, LLC responsible for accident or injury to my pet, myself, or my property while entering, exiting, or occupying the grooming salon and/or bathing areas. 

Thank you for taking the time to review this information!  Should you have questions or concerns about any portion of this agreement, I encourage you to call Hallie directly for more information or to discuss.

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