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Cat Grooming

Offering Cat grooming at 

211 Church Street

We offer a variety of kitty services including:

  • Walk in nail trim $15

  • Traditional Bath (water bath, wash and blow dry) and Brush with nail trim. -Services start at $60

  • Waterless Shampoo Bath with brush and nail trim- Services start at $45

  • Haircuts with nail trim available with out bath, with traditional or waterless bath -Services start at $85

  • Brush outs without bath -Services start at $25

We ask that all cats arrive in a secure carrier. When they arrive we will discuss your kitties needs.  We then take them to a quiet space. We spray some relaxing pheromones, turn down the lights, and let them decompress and relax from their ride and arrival before we ever start. Services are performed by experience cat handlers. Not all cats will tolerate the grooming process, and that's ok. We'll never push your cat too far, or stress them out. Should your kitty not do well, we will advise you on options and next steps. 

Ginger Cat
Wet Cat
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