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We're Moving!
As of December 26th, 2023
we will be located ONLY at

211 Church Street
Due to long lasting construction, the HWY 70/Luther Lake location will not reopen.
All appointments will be seen at 211 Church Street going forward 

We are leaving Main Street!

But don't worry, we aren't going far. Only around the corner.

We will only be .3 miles away from our current Downtown location.


We are thrilled to have found a spot one street over on Church Street, around the corner, that also offers street side parking as well as parking in the church lot on the same road. We feel this will make dropping off and picking up your pets so much easier!!


To create the best and safest grooming experience possible,

for as many dogs and cats as possible.


As we round out our 3rd year in business, we have done a thorough review and deep evaluation into the structure of our daily operations and each aspect of the client and employee experience. Therefore, in order to ensure we meet our goals and stay focused on them every day, and to ensure we can create the least stressful environment we can for the dogs in our care, there will be necessary changes that come with our move to the new location.

Here is a video outlining all the details and changes, or visit the blocks below to learn more. Or click HERE to skip video or choice of topic block and go directly to read all the details 

the details

The biggest change:

Due to now having a smaller space, we will sadly have to limit the number of large dogs we see as well as dogs with certain behavior issues.. These decisions will be made case by case and client by client based on multiple factors to be determined by salon staff.


Please know if we release you as a client the we do not take that lightly, and it's simply about giving each dog the best possible experience within the parameters of our salon philosophy about grooming and comfort in the facility. We are sad to have to say goodbye to any of the pets and people who we've come to love. In addition to large and XL dogs, we will be unable to accommodate dogs with some behavior issues such as non stop barking, screaming or howling dogs, and highly stressed dogs. Please know if you are notified that your pup falls into this category, that it was with sadness, and we will do our best to help give you options for pet's future grooming. We will have names of other groomers who may be able assist your pet with their grooming needs in the future. See that list HERE 

All appointments made for 2023 will be honored. We wanted to give as much time as possible to find a new groomer for the new year. 

Releasing Current Clients

How will I know if my dog will be able to continue being a client? 

Each week, at the end of the week, we will assess the dogs we've seen in the previous days, and those requesting new appointments. As a team we will chose if the new location will best meet your pets needs or if we will be recommending being released as a client. You will be notified via text that has a link to more in depth details, as well as a lost of local groomers who may be able to help you with your future grooming needs.

Another Change- Photography

We will no longer have as many extra rooms, so being able to provide a photography room is no longer an option. We do plan to help create opportunities for you to get adorable photos of your pet with front porch scene set up just for you, as well as host seasonal photo days where we will offer the studio set up on weekends for your dog to come get a great photo. We know this has been a popular add on to your pet's grooming, and we are also sad to lose the ability to offer this daily. 

A few other things we need to revisit to helps us create the best experience possible for everyone

A few reminders about schedule requirements and additional fees:

These are not new policies/fees, but they have not been routinely applied.


All of our pricing is essentially based on time. If dogs require more time due to age (puppies and seniors), or due to being "overdue", being extra soiled or matted, behavior issues, or if they require an additional staff member to support the groomer to complete their work, additional fees may be applied. Just like any service provider would. We are a "maintenance salon", meaning our pricing and services are tailored for dogs receiving routine grooming. Dogs that are matted, or beyond 12 weeks between may have additional fees for the extra time it takes vs dogs on regular schedules. If you're dog is getting matted in between grooms, then we are happy to discuss how to alter their schedule along with your at home routine to ensure they are not getting out of normal condition between visits.  We are happy to help our furry friends needing a little "Extra" get through the process, but we absolutely need to make sure the groomers are compensated appropriately for this extra TLC and time above and beyond normal grooming that leads to long days for them.

Time Requirements:

Reminder that small dogs, we do require a 3 hour window, for medium/large dogs we ask for at least 4 hours to complete the service. Sometimes more for our extra large dogs or dogs needing many breaks. This allows the team ample time to finish all the part of their service, and give your pup a break in the middle of their experience which we have found to reduce the stress on them, especially for our young and old dogs. If you require your dog to be finished in less than that time, if scheduled ahead, we may are happy to offer the option of "express groom" which would be in 2 hours or less for small dogs. We are only able to offer this option to small dogs at this time. Large dogs may be offered this option on a case by case basis. This service may be offered to dogs with behavior/noise issues as long as they meet the requirements of being able to be fully hand dried. Touch base with us about this option, we will require this be set up ahead of time to schedule accordingly.

Late pick up fees after certain point, we do ask that you plan to pick your pup within an hour of them being finished if prior arrangements have not been made ahead of time. Pets staying longer may be subject to an additional fee.


We do not require Pre-booking, but still highly recommend it for any larger dogs as we have limited spots available on any given day both for baths and for grooms.


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