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You may have heard the news,
The Milk & Honey Paw Spa
is moving after the 1st of the year!

Unfortunately, that means some changes/limitations to the dogs we can now care for. 

If you've been sent this link then we are, sadly, no longer able to groom your dog due to size and/or behavior reasons
NOTE- all appointments scheduled through end of 2023 will be honored as scheduled. Our goal was to give you as much notice as possible to be able to find a new groomer for the new year.

Check out the video for more details about the move and changes.
More detailed information also provided below expanding on the reasons some behaviors are having to now be addressed.

There is also a list of other local groomers at
the bottom of this page. HERE


Our mission:

To create the best and safest grooming experience possible,

for as many dogs and cats as possible.

Therefore we must ensure that one dog's stress/behavior doesn't create stress/fear/or

hurt the experience of the other dogs in our care that day. Each dogs experience matters.

Large and XL Dogs:

The majority of dogs we are no longer able to serve moving forward are simply due to their size and the limited space we will have for addition large and X large Kennels. It is absolutely in no way personal. 

Your dogs comfort is of the utmost importance to us. And 100% the reasons for saying goodbye.

Behavior/Stress Contraindications:

Many are also in this group due to how they experience grooming, and the limitations the new facility has for being able to offer private spaces for dogs who have trouble near other dogs, or that are extra noisy during their stays with us. Below we've tried to explain a little more, to help with understanding.

Note- Dog Grooming, while we make all attempts to make it relaxing and fun, for many dogs. Its a stressful, high noise, high touch, high stimulus experience that they do not handle well. Even thought nothing "bad" is happening to them, their perception may be that it is. And dogs respond the only way they know how, and tell us through a variety of behaviors, that they have fear and stress.

What this means:

We can longer groom dogs that are:

  1. Constant or more than typical barkers

  2. Dogs who scream and shriek

  3. Dogs who display high levels of stress 

  4. Dogs who are destructive in the kennels.

  5. Dogs that have not had adequate training to be reasonably handled.

  6. List of groomers that are (to the best of our knowledge) taking new clients and/or large dog


1.Constant or more than typical barkers

This is 100% for the comfort of the dogs. We have found that this is the singular largest source of fear and stress for other dogs being groomed with us, and we can not allow one dog to destroy the experience for all the other dogs present that day. And it absolutely does. While some barking is normal, its expected that dogs settle down and relax into their experience. This is actually the typical response for most dogs. Dogs who can not settle, are displaying stress, even if its high excitability, and impact those around them. Their experience also matters. Its become too common that one dog is hurting the experience of 20 or more others. So we can no allow that. 


In the past we have tried to move them to less stimulating areas of the salon, put them in other rooms away from the other dogs who are stressed by their stress etc, but our core belief if that if a dog is behaving that way, they are experiencing stress and fear, and therefore the multi dog salon environment is not the best spot for them to be groomed. We are happy to help point you towards environments that will be better for your pup. Including trainers to help your dog learn to be adjusted to these encounters which are part of their life. 

2. Dogs who scream and shriek

This basically the same issue as above, but we find its more related to the process of grooming itself, if being handled, combed etc, even with all efforts to calm the dog still lead to screaming and shrieking throughout the process, along with barking, dogs making these noises not only scares the dogs around them, but tends to give us groomers one of those "adrenaline rush" moments, which also effects our ability to focus, and feel relaxed when grooming. 

3. Dogs who display high levels of stress

Barking, screaming, and shrieking are all displays of stress. But it can manifest in many ways. Sometimes its shaking, evasive behaviors, attacking groomers or tools, soiling themselves, excessive panting etc. Dogs with health problems or senior dogs are monitored even closer for signs of stress. If a dog is behaving that way, they are experiencing stress and fear, and therefore the multi dog salon environment is not the best spot for them to be groomed. We are happy to help point you towards environments that will be better for your pup.

4. Dogs who are destructive in the kennels.

This is probably self explanatory, but dogs who destroy, tear at, bite at, or attempt to escape are at risk for injury and can lead to destruction of property. Injury is our primary concern. In order for a dog to be safely groomed in a social grooming setting, we need to be able to house them safely. Dogs who are not crate/kennel/condo trained are not candidates for grooming in our salon. We recommend teaching your dog to be kenneled safely at home so that when they come into environments like a salon, they are prepared and safe. 

5. Dogs that have not had adequate training to be reasonably handled

While rowdy puppies, dogs who don't like their nails trimmed etc are all normal behavior issues we handle as groomers, in the last few years we have seen a HUGE increase in hard to handle, untrained, unsocialized, and borderline dangerous dogs. There are NO breeds immune to behavior and temperament issues. In fact some of the most popular breeds right now (Doodles are a great example) are seeing high numbers of super reactive, prone to biting and fit throwing, and insecure dogs. Leading to a lot of issues at salons, and many ending up in shelters. 

How this effects us in grooming is that its honestly the leading cause of groomer burnout and retiring due to injury. A leading cause of the groomer shortage. Dogs that bite at tools, thrash, alligator roll, don't allow us to handle them, pull a tug-o-war routine when trying to simply hold onto them, jump around non stop, are putting themselves in danger. And larger dogs who act this way also put our groomers' safety at risk as well.  This also creates a highly stressful experience for the dog and the groomer. 

We can not do the training, desensitization work, and teaching in 2 hours that must be worked on consistently at home. We understand its hard to be told your dog has behavior issues, especially when often they are very nice dogs at home. Difficulty with grooming doesn't equal bad dog. But untrained and reactive dogs need more training and behavior modification before they can be done in a social salon environment. 

6. Groomers who may be able to take your pup on as a new client. We have verified SOME of these, some are referrals we've seen others in the community give, but wanted to give you a broad pool of resources.

Store Front Salons

Deanna's Paw Spa (McEwan)

Kristen's Grooming (Burns) 6302447728

Kimberly's Pet Grooming (Dickson) (615) 446-4555

K9 Station (Dickson)

The Farm at Natchez Trace 615-662-6628

Pets Unlimited (615)-446-8175

Auntie's Grooming (Fairview) (615) 499-3617

Petco Dickson

Greymont Kennels (Fairview)

Paws Only Grooming Salon (Dickson) (615)268-2366

Bathing only, no size limits Maddilyn Butler at Auntie Darlene's Boarding 615-934-0715

Mobile Groomers

Billie's Mobile Grooming (615) 364-7622

All Things Fur (903) 444-1808

Huff n Fluff (615) 290-2488

List of Groomers
releasig big dogs
release for behavior\
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