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Welcome Muddy Paws Clients

We know you have questions, and maybe even some concerns. We want to answer them for you. We're going to address some of the common questions folks have had so far, and if we don't answer them here, please feel free to message us on FB, or text the salon at 615-961-4093


Will my price change?

No, we are planning to "grandfather" all current Muddy Paws clients with their current price. We may have to to make tiny adjustments to account for adjustments for required sales taxes, but we want to keep everything as close to the same for you guys as possible. 

When will this transition take place?

We are currently aiming for the beginning of February. 

Do I need to register on your website?

No, but it would helps us get everyone set up in our system. We keep notes on each dog, photos, and the system also sends automatic reminder texts. So you can go ahead and register ahead of time, or we will take a moment at our next appointment to get you in the system. You can go ahead and register HERE

How long will Natalie stay grooming there? 

Honest answer is.... we're not really sure. She will be working on her new homebased salon, getting it set up and will start taking appointments there soon. Once that business is built to where it needs to be for her family, she will work exclusively out her new salon. If you are interested in making the drive, and having her groom your dogs once she transitions over, please keep up with her news and announcements both on the current Muddy Paws Facebook, or on her new website 

I already have future appointments made. Will anything change?

We do not anticipate any changes to the days/times you already have scheduled. Natalie will remain working alongside us for awhile, so you may have Natalie groom the next visit or 2, or it will be with one of the Milk and Honey groomers. We will do consults with you on during your visit, combined with info from Natalie about your past grooms/dogs behavior, we will do our best to get as close to the same look as you are used to. If something isn't quite right, or you need something shorter or longer, just let us know.

The only exception to this may be for large dogs. Due to limited space in the Muddy Paws Salon, we may need larger dogs to visit the Downtown/Main Street Salon. Its less than a 5 minutes drive from Muddy Paws. The Downtown Salon is  equipped with electric tubs that can drop to the floor allowing big dogs to get into the tub easier, as well as large and extra large kennels for them to relax in during their salon visit. 

If we are interested in trying the Main Street/Downtown location is that an option? 

Absolutely, just text 615-961-4093 and let them know you are a current Muddy Paws client interested in trying the other location. And we'll get you set up. 

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